Total Leather Care
 has been providing onsite leather repair and refinishing of leather goods for over 30 years.


    Leather Repair in Southeastern PA, Leather repair in South and Central NJ, Leather repair in Northern DE 

Automobile Interior Repair
Leather Furniture Cleaning, Repair & Reupholstery
 Bring or SHIP coats to 
   our Horsham office 
   for an estimate.
  We DO NOT replace  
  zippers or do alterations.


Leather Repair PA              Leather Repair NJ               Leather Repair DE
Leather Cleaning PA           Leather Cleaning NJ           Leather Cleaning DE
Leather Coat Repair PA      Leather Coat Repair NJ      Leather Coat Repair DE
Auto Interior Repair PA       Auto Interior Repair NJ       Auto Interior Repair DE 

We can give 
rough estimates
from photos
emailed to us.
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Repair Services:
 - Cuts, Tears, Holes     
 - Darkened headrests
 - Stains       
 - Ink Damage
 - Fading & Wear
 - Scratches
 - Burns 
 - Dog & Cat damages  
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        423 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044 

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Office Hrs: 9- 4, M-F
TECH Svc.: Mon-Sat

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  On-Site Service in areas of PA, NJ & DE
HomeAdvisor Top Rated Service

Upholstery Services:

 - Replace Cores 
 - Restuff Cushions
 - Replace Leather
   Panels where   
   damage is too 
   extensive for repair

Car Seat Repair:

 - Repair wear, tears,
    & stains on seats
 - Repair steering 
 - Repair dashboards
 - We DO NOT reupholster car seats
Total Leather Care
Total Leather Care BBB Business Review
• Leather Furniture Repair
 • Auto Upholstery Repair
 • Leather Coat Repair
 • Leather Handbag Repair 
  (not hardware or straps) 
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